100% agave Tequila has a special and unforgettable taste, unlike other distilled liquors. The production of a real tequila is only allowed in three regions of Mexico. The agave used for the production of the “real” Tequila needs to present certain quality!

Unfortunately, there are too few 100% Tequilas in Europe, instead, one finds on the European market only the so-called Tequila mixed. The designation mixed means that the tequila consists of min. 51% agave. However, the remaining ingredients may vary and one can use other components such as eg. Sucrose or ingredients like that to obtain alcohol and disguise the bad flavour.

A good tequila, it’s like a good wine, the longer you stored a Tequila, the more it fully develop its flavor. That is why our Primogénito Reposado is stored for 10 months in French and American oak barrels! During this time no chemicals are added to the process.